There are thousands of fish species. Availability of certain fish species varies considerably depending on the nature of the environment. For instance, fish species found in freshwater ecosystems are rare to find in saline environments like in deep the sea. Here we discuss some fish that are likely to be encountered by sea anglers and some fundamental facts about them that could inform the nature of your fishing adventures.

Round Fish

Round fish essentially refers to fish species that have a round cross-section and a body that terminates into a tail. Most round fish species are found in shallow waters, and as a result, they are familiar to sea anglers. However, other round fish species like the haddock and the ling often favor the deep waters and are therefore rarely found on the shore.

Flat Fish

These fish are known for their particular flattened body with fins along the edges. They have a lateral line on the middle and eyes on the upper sides of their head. They can be classified as either light or left eyed depending on the position of their head.

When the environment is right, and the fish are feeding, this often presents a decent opportunity for an angler to get loads of fish.

The Eel

There are two main types of the eel – the Conger eel and the European eel. This fish species is characterized by its long body, a lone fin and a slimy and skinless skin. However, these fish species are often found at extreme depth and are thus never encountered by anglers on the shores.

Knowledge of different types of fish species and their unique characteristics goes a long way in making you a better angler. Fishing is a great sport or part-time activity for people of all ages. If you haven’t tried sea fishing, give it a try!