Fishing can be done from the shore or from a boat. Boat fishing offers more opportunities than shore angling. Salmon fishing can be tricky due to the picky nature of these fish species. As such, having the right fishing equipment is essential in any salmon fishing practice. Here is a checklist of salmon fishing equipment for your fishing adventures.

Lures, Baits & Flies

Ideally, salmon fishing essentially involves location the fish, preparing the tackle, and fishing. Using the appropriate lure guarantees a bite. To many, the cure salmon roe is an irresistible lure only that it might cost you a little bit more. On the other hand, adding some flies scent has been shown to make the lure more attractive to salmons.

Fishing Rods

Salmon fishing reels need an assortment of characteristics. Ideally, a good fishing rod should be flexible to withstand the aerial displays of salmons. On the other hand, it should be strong enough to withstand the massive pull of a Chinook. The best way to be prepared for any eventuality is to a buy a unit that offers strength, flexibility and some lightness – graphic steel might be an excellent choice.


Traditional reels are purely mechanical. As a result, anglers have to palm the revolving rim during their fishing adventures. Newer reel designs are quite ergonomic thanks to their drag mechanism. Also, power assisted reels to make it easy to land massive fish especially if the angler does not have the stamina do subdue a frantic fish.


The type of fishing line you use in your fishing expeditions gives all the difference between a successful day and one with lots of frustrations. The kind of line is often determined by the type of salmon you are targeting. Some specialty lines are designed for specific fish species and conditions. Standard lines also give different results in different situations. Thus, you need the right fishing line for your fishing expeditions.