To some people, fishing is just a past activity that lets them get outside and enjoy the company of friends. On the contrary, others see it is a competitive lifestyle. Fishing competitions have been with us for many years, and have since grown to become the most popular sports in the country. That said, here are some little-known facts about fishing competitions.

  • It’s not all about fishing from boats

Competitive fishing is not only done from a fishing boat. Some competitions require competitors to fish from a less conventional vantage point. As such, some fishing tournaments need the competitors to fish from kayaks, paddles, inflatable inner tubes among other fishing options.

  • It’s not all about the weight of the catch

You might be tempted to think that having the most fish is what is needed to be a winner. The amount of fish is in itself a factor, but there are other essential elements. Factors like the fish species and the strength of the fishing line might influence the scoring.

  • The fish’s well-being matters

In most mainstreaming angling completions, competitors are expected to avoid harming the fish. As such, anglers that send the fish home unharmed are awarded accordingly; while those that harm the fish risk enormous penalties for bringing dead fish or might have their samples disregarded altogether.

  • You can compete online

Some angling completions take place online. These tournaments have online platforms that let the competitors upload their most impressive catches, the catch’s size, and other angling variables. The data shared is then verified and evaluated using dedicated fishing algorithms.

  • A lure can give you a competitive edge

Experience and skill matter a lot in any fishing completion. However, the choice or quality of lure often gives all the difference. Most anglers have their preferences. However, the popularity of bait is often informed by the number of awarding winning catches it has received over the years.